When Friday Fictioneers Meet

Published November 21, 2013 by rochellewisoff


If you came here expecting a 100 word flash fiction, you might be disappointed. While I realize I’m breaking my own rule by linking something other than a short story I thought this post would be of interest to Friday Fictioneers. It may not be a short story, but as you can see there is a short facilitator. 

Friday, November 15, 2013 at Ye Olde English Inn in Branson, MO, the entertainment capitol of the Midwest eight of the, sometimes, over one hundred writers met face to face and person person. photo_1From left to right: Beth Carter, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, Madison Woods, Janet Webb, Karen Nelson, Russell Gayer, Jan Morrill and Kent Bonham.

photo_3Some of you may remember K.D. McCrite who wrote for Friday Fictioneers until success as an author has whisked her from our midst. She was the speaker for our morning session. She left us without excuses. ;)

photo_3 (1)


99 comments on “When Friday Fictioneers Meet

  • This is so great! I LOVE the video! Well done, Kent! What a treat to see other Fictioneers in the flesh. You are all talented writers and wonderful people. Thank you for sharing your gift and your heart with the writing community.

    • Glad you loved it Maggie. We had a great time, although there wasn’t enough of it. I’d love to be able to have a Friday Fictioneers conference. Kent Bonham is the man behind the camera and video editing.

  • It was so great to see and hear some of my favorite people. Rochelle you are my little pixie. Janet you are most definitely my earth mother. I want to come to the next gathering. We’ll have the most fun. I promise I won’t get TOO racy. Giggle.

  • I always enjoy hearing the voices behind the pictures of people. I like to see how close I am with what I think they sound like. I was spot on with Rochelle and Janet. The other not so much. ;-)

    • Dear Indira,

      We did have a good time. There are some of these folks I only see 3 times a year in person. Janet I met for the first time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some way we could make it a global gathering?



    • I confess, Jan. When I see that Russell has posted, I’ll skip everyone else’s just to find out who I am each week. And yes, Kent’s a keeper and he knows how to use a camera. i wish more of us could assemble in one place.



    • Thank-YOU, Russell, for being there and not being too camera shy. ;) I had a blast and was totally pumped that night. Maybe we can Skype with some of the “unreachables” next time. The technology is there, why not, right? I’ll be there as the man with the camera.

  • What a lovely gathering. Thanks for the video Colby et al. Lovely to ‘meet’ some of you! I wish I’d been there! Come to England! And I’m only just bigger than you Rochelle at 5’2 (and three quarter)” but I’ve never considered myself to be ‘short’, strangely enough, even if I do have trouble getting up on the machines in the gym. :)

  • Thanks for posting, lovely to see you all in the flesh as it were.
    Next, a trip to Europe at least!!! I was going to suggest meeting halfway, but that’s probably somewhere in the middle of the ocean.
    Must have been great to meet up, so envious…

  • Wow how lucky can you get. I think I need to win the lottery or get a part time job to save my pennies so I can get to the next met-up!!

    Any Friday Fictioneers local to central PA??? It would be fun to have some kind of a push-pin map that we could all tack too saying where we are from. For past, present and future folks!

  • First of all, Rochelle, it is OK to break your own rules… especially for something like this! Great to see and even more to hear our friends. I thought I was hearing Judd from Big Brother, then realized it was Russell. Would have loved to have been an Ozarkie and meet everyone.

    We will just have to have a FF meet at Doug’s sometime!

  • I’m so glad you posted this, it looks like it was great fun! I’d love to meet fellow bloggers in real life some day.
    I just checked back on my blog and today is only my 3 month Fictioneers anniversary, but even in this short time I’ve “met” so many great writers (and great people too)!

  • Hey You Guys!
    I am so jealous. What a fantastic post. Sure looks like you were having a good time. I wish I could have joined you IRL. Thanks, Rochelle for all you do to keep this group inspired. It has truly meant a great deal to me to be a part of it.

    • Dear Honie,

      Comment like these and stellar writing such as yours are two of the things that keep my passion for this alive. I wish you could’ve been there, too. Maybe one day we’ll have a get together that’s just Friday Fictioneers.



  • That looks like such fun. If anyone’s serious about coming to the UK and meeting up next year, there’s the Winchester Writers Conference in Winchester, June 20th – 22nd 2014. Winchester is about an hour south of London and where I live!

    There isn’t much info about this year’s conference up yet, but here’s the info about last year: http://www.writersconference.co.uk/index.htm

    It would be lovely to meet some fellow Friday Fictioneers.

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