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Published December 10, 2013 by rochellewisoff
Kia Ora all (Mostly FF friends, one beloved Kiwi and assorted friends and family kind enough to read from spots around this wide word)

I am in New Zealand for a bit and posting this story late. WiFi is very, very sketchy where I am hanging my hat about now (All around Southern Island) so if you comment, I’ll appreciate it more than you’ll know (because I won’t be able to answer in kind. I’m posting this to try to stay in the groove and let you all know why I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth. (And if ever there was a place to fall off and stay off, this land is it.) Anyway, thanks for understanding.


Kia Ora,

And, as always, Aloha,


Copyright -Randy Mazie

Copyright -Randy Mazie


After the meltdown a reporter asked me to describe our industry. 

 “It’s what the adage ‘one oh shit wipes out a thousand attaboys’ was invented for.” 

 What really happened? CLOFA in reactor three led to DNB and fuel element failure. Nuclear power is a dodgy business. Everything works fine until it doesn’t, then it’s all assholes and elbows as people try to limit the damage and cover their ass. My crew and I hit our dose limits trying to get the emergency pumps running.  

 We patrol the exclusion zone now. Should be habitable in three-hundred years.

  Price of progress.

16 comments on “Guest Blogger-Ironwoodwind-Douglas MacIlroy

  • The blank whiteness around the edges of this picture lends to the starkness of this story. I can imagine this being on the edge of a nuclear wasteland. I like the description of people’s reactions when things all go FUBAR.

    • Dear Dave,

      Thanks for reading a commenting. You are kind to drop by for my late submission. yes, the picture lends itself to an ‘edge of the badlands’ look, doesn’t it?



  • If you have to fall of the edge of the world, falling into the land of LOTR is certainly one of your best landings. Have fun, be safe, and thanks for another one of your thoughtful and thought-provoking stories.


  • I suspect you’re as terrified of nuclear power as I am, Doug. One Oh Shit wipes out a thousand attaboys is it exactly. But until we Westerners can quench our insatiable desire for power (of the electric kind, but how aptly named), it seems the only way.
    I loved the voice in this – very developed.
    Thanks to Rochelle for posting it too, I was missing you! Hope your travels are linked to happy news.

  • Man, you DO get around. And now you’ve made me feel bad for not getting a story in this week — even though I thought the schedule I had to keep was a reasonable excuse. However, since you’ve had to journey to the end of the world — and are hanging there by nothing but a string of words — I now feel ashamed that I didn’t at least make the attempt. (Actually I meant to write one, but time just kept ticking away when I wasn’t looking. I didn’t have time to read any for this week either, and I discovered this post when I came to Rochelle’s site to look for something else.)

    You’ve done another great story here, Doug. You’ve masterfully exposed the use of gobbledygook by government officials to cover all their bases and leave the “ordinary citizen” to clean up the mess and pay the price. I do use the word “masterfully” with reason and forethought, because you truly are a master at presenting serious, life-and-death issues with just the right touch of humor that keeps them from being preachy, but makes the point in a way that will be remembered.

  • Hello, Doug. You’re in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Like to visit.

    Your story is up-to-date modern and fashionable. Well-written, of course. I like the oh shit and asshole and ass bits best.

    My opinion? I think the energy crisis is worse than we know. In the UK news only a couple of days ago was mention of probable power cuts this time next year – which means it will be sooner, like January! I was at a uni lecture in the 80s in which I learnt of plans to colonise the moon for the production of oxygen. I have a feeling it’s going to happen and also that our dear satellite will be turned into a huge nuclear power station. When it blows, so will we. Nice knowing you. :)

  • So that’s where you’ve been! And you didn’t take us with you! I hear it is beautiful there, so I hope you get lots of photos to share. Your story brings us back to stark reality, and we thought playing with matches was the worst we could do.

  • Great story, loved the matter of fact tone. Enjoy NZ, I’m green with envy. But don’t stay there if there’s no internet connection… that wouldn’t do at all. Take care.

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