Character Study – Nikolai Derevenko

Published May 25, 2015 by rochellewisoff

“I hope Ulrich and that doctor person like chicken sandwiches.” She [Havah] limped to the icebox and pulled out a plate of leftover chicken.

            After she set the plate on the table she searched the many drawers for a knife. Before she could cut into the crusty bread on the counter, a masculine hand reached around her and took the knife. “Allow me. You’re liable to slice off your fingers.”

            “Must you always be so rude?” She whirled around and glared at Dr. Nikolai.

            With surgical precision he cut the bread into even slices and stacked them on a platter. He peered at her over his spectacles with one raised eyebrow. “Or so gentile?”

~~Taken from Please Say Kaddish for Me by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


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Framed Dr. Nikolai

            Havah dislikes the dispassionate Russian, Dr. Nikolai Derevenko, Ulrich’s housemate. Nikolai returns her feelings and makes it clear to her that he has little patience for most people, women in particular.

            As the story unfolds she learns that he’s an accomplished flautist who chose medicine over music and his aloof demeanor masks the grieving heart of a father who’s lost his only child.

            In Dr. Nikolai Havah will find a true friend and champion.     

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22 May 2015

Published May 20, 2015 by rochellewisoff

FF Lunch with MG and David S.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of sharing lunch and laughter with fellow fictioneers David Stewart and Marie Gail Stratford. It’s always fun to meet the face behind the keyboard. 

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.  ;)

Flowers from the Hill Thoreau

Friday Fictioneers Farm Path

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The next photo is the PHOTO PROMPT. Study it. What does it say to you? Remember, it’s about what you see, not what you’re looking at. ;) 

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Dark clouds loomed overhead as the boy picked a cotton boll and stuffed it into the heavy sack on his shoulder. Rain, mingled with sweat, soaked his thin muslin shirt. He closed his eyes and listened to spirituals on the wind.

            Back in the cabin that night, he played his new guitar and sang to his grandmother who shook her head.

            “What I gonna do wit you, boy? Fifteen hard-earned dollars for a hunk-a wood and then you uses it for devil music.”

            “Dontcha see?” said Riley B. King. “I gotta. The blues is bleedin’ the same blood as me.”




B B King

September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015



Published May 18, 2015 by rochellewisoff

“Words refused to come from Arel’s mouth. His feet felt like stones. Diverting his gaze to Gittel, his intended since he was thirteen, his mind swirled like leaves on the wind. Tall and slender, she had an innocent beauty that emanated from the depths of a tender soul. Her auburn hair made a silken cape around her slim shoulders. He had, heretofore, enjoyed the prospect of making her his wife.”

                                                                                                                                                     ~~Taken from Please Say Kaddish for Me by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

W&B publishers

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Original Artwork © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Original Artwork © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

              Gittel is Fruma Ya’el’s daughter with Cantor Levine. At first, grief-stricken and in severe physical pain, Havah, wants nothing to do with the talkative girl. Gittel, who tends to look for the good in people, accepts Havah’s insults with gentle compassion. It’s not long before Gittel wins her over.

            The girls, who are both sixteen, become confidantes, friends and sisters. The only wedge between them is Arel.


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15 May 2015

Published May 13, 2015 by rochellewisoff

Flowers from the Hill Thoreau

Friday Fictioneers and Poppy

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 The next picture is the PHOTO PROMPT. Does it speak to you? Tell us a story in a hundred words or less. 

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Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


            I was born seven years after the Nuremberg trials ended and in our household the subject of the Third Reich remained an open wound.

            “Never forget what ‘they’ did to ‘us,’” intoned my mother.  

            Even now, whenever I see barbed wire, I’m haunted by visions of hollow stares and sunken faces.

            Yet, there are those who try to reinvent history and their students swallow the lies like oysters on the half shell.

            “Did the Holocaust really happen?” asks my young coworker.

            “Tell me, Tanisha.” I gaze into her eyes and tap her bronze hands. “Did slavery in America really happen?”     


Epilogue – Click Here



Voice of a Spanish Dancer – It’s Not the Destination but the Journey

Published May 11, 2015 by rochellewisoff

Copy of Mermaid

To see if my technique and form are correct, I recently watched a video on the mechanics of the flip turn. The instructor described the flip turn as the most efficient way for a swimmer, once she reaches the wall, to turn back and swim toward the other wall. Not only does it retain energy, but it’s the best way to maintain momentum.

            The flip turn is one of my favorite things to do in swimming and, according to the online swim instructor, I’m doing it correctly.

            I don’t think about mechanics while I’m in the water. For me there’s an ethereal quality.  It’s a different world beneath the surface. I tuck, turn a somersault and gaze up at a crystal ceiling. Then, pressing my feet against the pool wall, I flip over and catapult myself in the opposite direction.  

            In a few months I will retire from my day job. In my younger days I viewed retirement as the end to real life where I would sit on park benches and feed the birds or languish in front of the television in a vegetative state.

            Nowhere is either of those activities part of my plan. My first novel debuted last week. The sequel is due to be released in December. I’ve begun work on a third novel, the last part of the trilogy.     

            For me the flip turn is not only an enjoyable part of swimming but also a metaphor for my life. I’ve come to one end of the pool. With renewed vitality, I tuck into a ball, press my feet against the wall, flip and catapult myself into life’s flow.

Author and her Novel

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And for those of you who want to know what a flip turn looks like:

8 May 2015

Published May 6, 2015 by rochellewisoff

The disc and the dragonfly


FF copyright banner finalThe next photo is the PHOTO PROMPT. It’s an oldie but a goodie. To a handful of you it will be familiar. 

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote an unstory that I titled THE ULTIMATE COP OUT, this week I’m simply copping out by posting a rerun. With proofing, illustrating and a second novel coming out on the heels of the first, life is a busy proposition. (And there’s the full time job thing.) For most of you this is a new prompt. For those who have written a story for it, feel free to share it or write another, or take a week’s vacation. ;)

The following story is one of my husband Jan’s favorite of my flash fictions. I originally posted this on July 25,2012 when Madison Woods was still leading the pack. Since then our numbers have nearly tripled. 



Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 97


            “Nice doggie,” whispered Jolie.

            Huddled against the fence she faced a mouthful of Pit Bull teeth. Which would be worse—the whipping she’d get for losing Grandma’s ring or to be eaten alive by a junkyard dog?

A few inches from the behemoth’s haunch, moonlight glinted off the sapphire. With her eyes fixed on his, she slid her hand toward the ring, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

            But he snapped to his feet with a roaring bark and lunged.

            Her heart thrashed against her ribs.

            In one ferocious bite the Copperhead skulking toward her met a grisly fate. 




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1 May 2015

Published April 29, 2015 by rochellewisoff

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FF copyright banner finalThe next photo is the PHOTO PROMPT. Does it tell you a story? Write it in a hundred words or less. 

PHOTO PROMPT - © Dee Lovering

PHOTO PROMPT – © Dee Lovering

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            “These madmen take everything,” cried Leah. “They brand us like cattle because we are Jews and you do nothing?”

            “How does one fight a pack of rabid dogs?” Abraham rubbed a painful lump on the back of his head. “Finish packing. We set sail in the morning while we still can.”

            “They cannot have my grandmother’s bracelet.” 

            “Leave it! What’s a bauble when our people are being exterminated like cockroaches?”

            Letting the bracelet fall from her fingers, she collapsed into his arms. “España is our home.”

            “Querida, you are my home. 1493 in Portugal—it will be a better year.”





There's nothing new under the sun.

Jews were forced to wear golden-yellow badges for identification. There’s nothing new under the sun.

History Lovers Click Here




My novel, Please Say Kaddish for Me, is still available for preorder at a reduced price here.The Kindle version is available for preorder at 

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