Every Friday authors from around the world gather here to share their 100-words and offer constructive crit and encouragement to each other. This creates a wonderful opportunity for free reading of very fresh fiction! Readers are encouraged to comment as well.

As always a special thanks to Madison Woods for founding this terrific group.

Watch for the new photo prompt on my main page every Wednesday. Hope to see you there. 


  • Some prefer not to see any stories until they’ve written their own. Leave your blog link here in the comment section or use the linkz tool.
  • If your blog requires multiple steps for visitors to leave comments, see if you can simplify it. If you can disable CAPTCHA, please for the sake of our writerly nerves, disable it. It’s frustrating to have to leave a DNA sample, your blood type and your shoe size  just to leave a comment. (So I exaggerate. But hopefully you get the picture).
  • Challenge yourself to keep stories to 100 words. (If you don’t you won’t be flogged or forced to walk the plank.)

Enter the ring and come out writing!!!!

Miriam Reuben

Miriam Reubens Wisoff – Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields NOT A PHOTO PROMPT

771 comments on “FRIDAY FICTIONEERS

  • Hi Rochelle ~
    I have a photograph I’d like to submit. A GF of mine has given our Friday Fictioneers three photographs from her trip to Mali. How would I send a photo to you for consideration?


  • Boss? What would you think of a page for posts from FF members to explain their ways of participating in your group?
    I wrote one that nobody read but would personally nonetheless like to read on how others “live” their FF status or adventures.

    I didn’t find the suggestion box for the club so I just whined here which I hope is ok.

    Peace, Tay. :D


    • Dear Tay,

      This is as fine a place as any to “whine.” I’ll give your suggestion some thought. I can’t promise that if we do something like that that it will garner more readers. Certainly no one ever has viewed my box at the top of printed publications either. ;)




      • OH! Not for readers Roach! Just for us to share about our writing and not just it!
        Readers are very over-rated! No one checked my explanation anyway :

        I just want to learn how others write for Friday Fictioneers or in general, that’s all!
        Part of the club & sharing thing, you know!
        If it was for clicks and numbers, I wouldn’t be doing it anymore since it bothers my serious readers ( as they abstain on Fridays since I began ) and FF posts gather fewer views than the rest on average.
        But as stated in the above, I like my 8 year old and would if no one else did …
        pretty much as any parent with real life kids? :D

        Good day ma,am, Tay.


  • Hi Ms. Rochelle, I would just like to ask where I can find the weekly challenge. I really love to join and learn many more things about blogging. I’m up for a challenge even though I’m just starting my own blog just a week ago.

    And also I want to know how to add a pingback?

    Thank you so much. Here’s the link of my blog, come visit it if you have time,

    More power! xoxo


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